Our History

V-Capital is a PE investment institution that focuses on investment discovery, long-term operations as well as integration trading of industry assets services, a pioneer who supports these most insightful entrepreneurs and industrial changers to achieve their business objectives in China.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huaxi Holding (SZ.000936), V-Capital has experienced a long history of industrial transformation. With a legacy dating back to 1961, we have a record of demonstrating responsible entrepreneurship during times of both economic growth and tough periods.

Throughout a period of more than half a century, we have experienced the pains of industrial evolution and survived the minefields of commercial upgrading from a small and poor village to an honored listed company -- Huaxi Holding, from the agricultural typification to the industrial prosperity and from a single industry to a diversified and compound development. 

Our Performance

Since V-Capital was founded in 2015, it has focused on four industries: Healthcare, TMT and Culture, Integrated Circuit, Alternative Energy & High-end Manufacturing. Based on deep insight into Chinese industries, we support enterprises with transformation and upgrading by M&A or other strategic cooperative methods, sculpture the art of investment globally, provide clients with strategies and expertise that span the full spectrum of asset classes through our network of investment professionals.

We have invested in companies with breakthrough technologies or business models in the form of M&A + Venture Capital. At present, the scale of our asset management is over 12 billion yuan.

In terms of M&A, we dominate and participate in a number of influential M&A projects, such as assisting Century Huatong Group (002602) to merge with China Mobile Games and Shanda Games gradually and to help it transform into a multinational online game enterprise; assisting Jiangsu Shagang (002075) to merge with Acquired Global Switch, a data center operator based in London, and to help it transform into a steel and data centered business; assisting Tonghua Golden-Horse (000766) to buy LongMay Healthcare, helping Jin Merchants Alliance get the rank of China’s fourth largest Medical group.

As for venture capital, we have invested in the world’s leading analog and mixed-signal chip supplier --Montage Technology, the new member of "Chinese core" --Vertilite,the GTI, which produced the revolutionary visual recognition AI chip, and the world’s leading power and storage can battery supplier --CATL.

Our Values

From a persistent industrial investor, we are developing into an industry operator and looking forward to helping our partners as well as our parent company “Huaxi Holding”, and ourself to become an industry innovator.

China Boost, Global Reach.

We firmly believe that we will see a better world, a better future.

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